Issues changing nameservers for a .ie domain

If you want to change the nameservers on a .ie domain name, please go to Control Panel > Domains > Manage Nameservers. Enter the nameservers you wish to add and click OK.

If you get the following error message, please read on:
Nameserver Change Failed
Error code: 2102. Your DNS is not setup correctly and your changes have not been accepted.
Please Note: This DNS check is performed by the Registry and NOT Always Amber. If you are not using our nameservers, you will need to contact your hosting company to rectify the problem.

This error means that we have sent the nameserver change request to the top level Registry who have tried to validate your new settings. However, your new nameservers have NOT been accepted as they don't contain a valid DNS zone record for the domain.

So what do I do next?
Firstly, check it that there's a valid DNS record in place with your host. Use a tool like to check your DNS record and make a note of any errors (as long as you get a 'Fatal' response with Zonecheck, the request with the Registry will fail as well). If you are unsure how to fix the errors, please contact your hosting company.

If Zonecheck says there's no record in place, it may be the case that your hosting company doesn't add zone records in real time. Normally it should take no longer than an hour for your records to propagate, so you might need to contact your hosting company if they haven't appeared within a couple of hours.

If your hosting company requires you to change the nameserver details with your domain Registrar, before you can add the domain on their system you will need to contact them to ask them to manually add the domain to their systems. For your convenience, here's a sample email:


I'm trying to change the nameservers of my domain to As it's a requirement of all .IE domains that a zone exists on the target nameservers prior to submitting nameserver changes, I'm unable to do this.

Can you manually create a zone with the following details:
A Zone 11.22.33

(add records for any other zones you need)

Thank you,
Joe Bloggs

My web designer/IT guy says he/she's added the zone record and it's a issue on Always Amber's side?
Your web designer/IT guy is wrong. All we do is submit the request to the Registry and pass on the response. We don't perform this test and we have no control over it.
If you really don't believe us, you can also try the nameserver change request directly with the Registry at

Can Always Amber help troubling shooting the DNS errors?
No, we have no control over 3rd party DNS servers, so we're unable to help troubleshoot or provide support for 3rd party issues.

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