How do I transfer ownership of my domain to a different company?

Changing a Domain Name holder for a .ie domain

You can reassign “ownership” of your domain to someone else who meets the IEDR's registration criteria at any time. In legal terms, you are reassigning the legal “right to use” the domain.

How this is done depends on why you’re changing the domain holder details.

Buying, taking over, restructuring, or merging a business

To reassign the domain holder details in these instances, you’ll need to provide the following:

  1. A signed document on headed paper from the current Administrative Contact. This letter must include a signed declaration that the registrant change is taking place as part of a transaction to buy/ take over/ restructure/ merge a business, and must also state that you authorise the cancellation of the specified domain name in order to reassign it to the future owner.
  2. Information from the future domain owner showing their connection to Ireland, and proof of personal/commercial identity, as per the IEDR’s registration policies.
  3. The future owner must also provide their contact details to be recorded as the new Administrative Contact. The above steps should be completed at the same time to avoid the possibility of the domain being cancelled. The letter can be attached and sent via email or open a support ticket and upload the file.

Changing the Domain Holder for any other reason

You should follow the process outlined here, which was introduced to support all other domain holder changes, including (but not limited to) the sale of the domain.

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