Irish citizens and individuals living on the island of Ireland can register any combination of their own name (if it’s available), including first name only, last name only, short name or a nickname.

Supporting documentation to show proof of identity and proof of a connection to Ireland will be required.

To show your connection with the island of Ireland and evidence of personal identity, please provide any ONE of the following:

  • Irish Passport.
  • Irish/UK driver’s licence (showing an address in the island of Ireland).
  • Irish/Northern Irish bank statement (showing an address in the island of Ireland).
    Official College ID (issued by any educational institution recognised by the Department of Education).
  • Department of Social Protection issued Public Services Card.
    Correspondence from Ireland’s Revenue Commissioners (showing your PPS number).

If you cannot provide any of the above, you will need to provide separate evidence of your connection to Ireland and evidence of your personal identity.
If proving your connection to Ireland with a utility bill showing an address in the island of Ireland, please note that you will also be required to include proof of personal identity (e.g. passport, driving license).

Irish citizens living abroad should provide a copy of an Irish passport to show Irish citizenship and proof of address. The proof of address used can be issued outside of the island of Ireland.

Non-Irish private citizens living outside the island of Ireland do not meet the requirements for registering a .ie domain name and their applications will not be approved by the Registry.

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