Our policy on accepting support requests/modifications from 3rd parties

In the past, Always Amber have accepted requests to modify DNS/domain records from authorised 3rd parties. Following a review of our GDRP policies, we will no longer accept these requests and account holders will either need to contact us directly via their Always Amber Control Panel or provide sub-account access to the 3rd party.

How to create a sub-account

To create a sub-account, begin by logging on to your Control Panel at https://www.alwaysamber.ie/panel/. This can be done in the client area by going to Client Area > My Details > Add New Contact or Manage Contacts.

Create Sub Account

Then to convert the contact into a sub-account, and therefore allow the contact to login, just tick the  Sub-Account checkbox. Next, enter a password and then tick the various options that you want to grant the sub-account permission to access (the sub-account will need access to View Domains & Manage Domain Settings, so you'll need to ensure these options are ticked) Below is a screenshot of the client area configuration screen for a sub-accounts permissions.

The permissions are mostly self explanatory but some clarifications:

  • Change Password - this page can be accessed by all sub-accounts and allows them to change their own login password
  • View & Manage Contacts - this allows access to view & edit all contact users belonging to the master account
  • Manage Domain Settings - this refers to being able to view & change nameservers, locking status, WHOIS information, etc...
  • View & Pay Invoices - this includes allowing access to the change credit card details page of the client area
  • Allow Single Signon - tick this option to allow the client to login to a hosting account's control panel via Single Sign On (eg. cPanel).

It is important to note that multiple contacts can have the same email address when being used for email notifications only, but if activating them as a Sub-Account the email address must be unique since it will be used for the login.

What does the Sub-Account user see?

When the sub-account user logs in, they see exactly the same client area that the master account owner would see, albeit they can't view areas that they don't have permissions to access.

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