How do I verify my domain name for Google?

When using some Google services, Google will ask you to verify your domain name by adding a TXT record.

To start the process, please login into your Always Amber account at

  1. Navigate to your domains by clicking
  2. Select the domain name you wish to edit and click Manage Domain from the drop-down menu to the right of the domain name.
  3. On the domain management page, select Manage DNS Records (if DNS management isn't showing in the menu, click Addons and enable DNS management).
  4. In the add new record option select TXT from the drop-down menu labelled Type.
  5. Leave the Address/Value field blank and the TTL field unchanged.
  6. In the Host Name field, input the site verification code that Google gave you (it should look something like google-site-verification=uw_sldJxU7OZuAYMu_PJ9yaovmzPLD00klZ0J0tFOF0lG0).
  7. Click Save and you're done.

Please note that DNS changes can take a couple of hours to propagate fully.

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