What is my new expiration date after a successful domain transfer?

This depends on the domain name extension which has been transferred and there are 3 possible options:

  • The expiration date does not change (it remains unchanged). Normally this indicates a free transfer. The first payment which will be applied is the moment of domain renewal. If the incoming transfer of a domain was shortly before its expiration date, be aware of this renewal, which can be due in just a couple of days.
    Examples: .uk

  • The expiration date extends with a year. In other words: the domain transfer comes with a renewal. These transactions are charged immediately, but the next renewal is at least a year in the future, and sometimes even longer for a multi-year registration.
    Examples: .ie, .eu and all the gTLDs (.com, .net, .org etc).

  • Finally, there are registries that start counting from ‘now’ (also referred to as "restarts"). The new expiration date is one year after the transfer date. In this scenario there is an option to loose a registration period if the transfer was processed shortly after the registration or renewal date of a domain.
    Examples: .de, .be and .fr.
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