How do I change the contact details on a .ie domain?

Minor changes like updating an email address, phone number or mailing address can be made in your Always Amber control panel. Login at and select the domain you wish to change, on the following Domain Management page, select the 'Contact Details' option in the left-hand menu and make your changes. 

To change the contact person associated with the domain (the Domain Admin) a signed letter will be required.

This letter should read:


I authorise the change of Domain Admin for the domain from (Previous Admin-Contact name) to (New Admin-Contact name + email address)


If you don't have a company letterhead, you'll need to include your full address and telephone number (or the business contact details, if the domain is held by a business).

The letter can be attached and sent via email or open a support ticket and upload the file.

To change the domain holder on a .ie domain name, please refer to: How do I transfer ownership of my domain to a different company?

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